The priest reveals the moment he met ‘Father Diaz’

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Luis Diaz The first person after being kidnapped for more than 13 days, the father and mother of the Colombian national team star. Kidnapped since October 28. Before the woman was released on the first day, while Manuel was just released on Thursday. Ceballos revealed

that Diaz’s father Revealing the difficulties after being kidnapped Begging him to arrange a new wedding After his wedding ring was lost during the incident,

Ceballos, who was the first person to meet Diaz, walked back and said, “He told his father to arrange another wedding. Because his wedding ring was missing. He told his father that he wanted to recommit to his marriage. Of course, we will hold the event whenever they want.” สมัคร ufabet

The priest also revealed that Diaz’s father, who has a knee injury. I had to walk all day and all night when I was kidnapped. “When you see people having their freedom taken away in front of you, It was a moment filled with emotion.”

“Father met him on the path he was walking. Dad was the first person to see him. Dad hugged him and he started to cry. He was very tired because he had walked so far.”

“He told his father that he had been walking and walking for 2 days, not including the 4 days when he was kidnapped. For the 13 days he was kidnapped, He walked day and night for six days.”

When asked if his father, Diaz, knew the government was sending large numbers of police and soldiers to follow him, Ceballos said: “He told his father, He sensed that the helicopter was very close. It was really close.”

“Of course he was afraid because when the army launched a search operation, The rebels tried to escape. It was a moment when the kidnapped person was at risk. He was worried there might be a confrontation.”